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newhmdImagine walking through the interior of a new building design months before construction begins. Or taking a grade-school class diving for an hour on the Great Barrier Reef. Or practicing a complex surgical procedure in your home office. These are just a few of the wide-ranging, real-world applications for a new class of man-machine interfaces known as virtual and augmented reality. Using stereoscopic head-mounted displays, 3-D sound, and tactile feedback devices, users can experience a highly compelling sensation of “presence” in a computer-generated environment, or they have graphics and text overlays “augmenting” the view of their actual surroundings.

Steve Aukstakalnis’ (Awk-sta-call-niss) deep subject-matter expertise, passion for the field and easy going conversational style enables highly informative and engaging radio and television interviews. Your audience will be intrigued by discussions about the range of serious, problem-solving applications for virtual and augmented reality and the fascinating mechanics of human sight, hearing and touch.

Their takeaway is a keen insight into a rapidly emerging paradigm shift in how we interact with computers and other complex information systems.

Book Steve Aukstakalnis (Awk-sta-call-niss), author, scientist and expert in virtual and augmented reality to discuss:

  • How AR and VR will revolutionize computing platforms and overall tech experiences.
  • Why some of the largest tech companies in the world are investing billions of dollars
    in the development of these technologies.
  • Why “Enhance Virtual Reality” is one of the 14 National Academy of Engineering Grand
    Challenges for Engineering in the 21st Century.
  • 5 existing, revolutionary applications for AR and VR from such fields as medicine,
    entertainment, engineering, aerospace and defense.
  • 5 fascinating aspects of our senses of sight, hearing and touch that are steering
    technical developments in this industry.
  • Why some users of VR systems experience headaches, nausea as well as
    perceptual side effects (i.e. human factors).
  • The moral and ethical implications of AR and VR (violent first-person games,
    virtual porn, criminality in VR, etc..).
  • Any other aspect of this field the host or audience wishes to explore.

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